By: Kim Downey, Broker

Stay Safe this Winter

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One day we are in sweaters, the next snowsuits and the next day raincoats! Either way you look at it, winter is definitely upon us!   Although we haven't had huge amounts of snow, it is easy to overlook ice and snow accumulation along the sides of the house. In particular, it is extremely important to ensure that your intake and exhaust vents are kept clear. You can't forget about the gas meter either! Here are a few quick guidelines which should help to keep you safe this winter.

  1. ?Never use a shovel to clean around your vents and meters - use a broom to avoid any damage.
  2. Keep snow off the top of the meter - the weight could cause it to break or pull away from the wall.
  3. To keep your furnace and gas fireplaces working efficiently, be sure to keep the vents cleared to allow for ample air movement - these are generally the white pipes that come from the inside of your home.
  4. If you have a heat pump, BEFORE removing the snow and/or ice, be sure to turn the thermostat to Emergency Heat or the Off Position.
    1. Be sure to clear the top, sides and bottom around the heat pump. Don't forget to turn it back on after you have cleared away the snow Have a leaky eave or gutter? I
    2. If it is dripping on your gas meter, this can cause the water to accumulate and freeze onto the meter. This might cause a hinderance in the controlling of the gas pressure in the meter.
  5. Keep a clear path to your gas meter so it is always accessible ... just in case of an emergency! Your dryer vent can't be left out. Because it is a critical component that filters lint, dust and other debris from the dryer, you want to avoid any problems that a build-up of snow can cause by not allowing sufficient ventilation.
    1. This can include a build-up of carbon monoxide with gas dryers.
    2. Increased hydro costs due to extra time being required to dry clothes. Risk of the dryer catching fire.
    3. Be safe this winter, keep those vent areas clean.