By: Kim Downey, Broker

Spring...Are you Ready?

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Do you remember the Boy Scouts motto; Be Prepared!

This is so true when trying to gauge when to list your home for sale. I always say the best time to call your realtor is as soon as you are starting to considering a move.  
Plan ahead...knowing what changes and possible upgrades your home may need to get you top dollar, could make the difference in the critical timing for listing your home.  The market is moving fast and with spring approaching, it is only bound to get busier.  Are you ready? Here are a few things that you can do right now to make your home the most appealing on the block:

  1. Service your HVAC system Clean the furnace and get those filters changed.
  2. Might be a good time to look at having your ductwork cleaned out as well (this will actually help cut down on the amount of dusting you have to do).
  3. Inspect the plumbing Toilets all flushing properly? Any loose or dripping faucets?
  4. Clean your windows! The neighbours house might not be a light shade of grey after all.
  5. Have you cleaned the light fixtures and lightbulbs lately? Might even be some that need to be replaced.
  6. How are the floors? Do you need to have the carpets steam cleaned? Any cracks in the tiles that need to be repaired or replaced? No better time to deep clean those appliances!
  7. Decluttering is oh so difficult but oh so necessary! Time to clean out and organize those closets. Great time to get rid of those old, thread-bare towels and make the linen closet appear larger.
  8. Your teens may have outgrown those toys that are still hanging around in their closets -donating to local charities is a great way to deal with toys and books that are too good to toss.
  9. Once the snow is gone, and the ground is a bit firmer, then you can tackle the exterior and grounds of your home.

There may be a lot of other things to do i.e. painting, flooring etc but these are things you need to call me to discuss before you proceed. Not all potential buyers will want the same things and keeping the home as 'Neutral' as possible is extremely important.

Are you considering a move?  Call me first and let's chat!