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The Toronto Real Estate Board has released it's 2015 1st Quarter Community Housing Report.

They report that as of the end of the 1st Quarter 2015, Bowmanville saw 297 new real estate listings of houses for sale and 214 houses sold at an average real estate sale price of $347,196. The average house sold in 18 days and for 100% of their asking price.

Clarington Community Housing Report 2015 - 1st Quarter - Including Bowmanville 

Bowmanville is a fast growing community in the Municipality of Clarington. The Town of Bowmanville was an incorporated town from 1858 to 1974, when it amalgamated with neighbouring communities in a restructured Durham Region to form the Town of Newcastle. In 1994 the Town of Newcastle was renamed as the Municipality of Clarington. To this day, Bowmanville remains a distinctive community in the Municipality of Clarington and as of the 2011 census, Bowmanville was home to 43,555 of the 84,584 residents of Clarington.


Bowmanville is a wonderful mix of old and new. It features a proud and historic downtown area which is maintained by a local awareness of the importance of continuing its local history. However, Bowmanville is also experiencing rapid growth with new Big Box stores in Smart Centres and Real Estate Developments with hundreds of new houses. In Bowmanville, you will find historic homes, nice country houses with large properties and a wide selection of homes in large modern subdivisions. This means Bowmanville has something to offer everyone.

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Bowmanville Zoo

The Bowmanville Zoo is Canada's oldest "private" zoo which was founded back in 1919.  Located near downtown Bowmanville, the zoo is home to over 300 animals and allows families to enjoy a fun day while learning about the animals, feeding them and perhaps even watching their children take a ride on a Camel or an Elephant.  

Canadian Tire Motorsport

Located just North of Bowmanville, this facility has been offering major spectator events since 1961.  Situated on 750-acres, this multi-track facility has a 3.957km circuit which has been home to Formula 1, IndyCar, sports cars, stock cars and many more.  Family camping has also been a popular part of the racing experience and campers are welcome on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park has been a long standing family tradition for families, schools, daycares and birthday parties.  It offers over 30 acres of parkland and features a pool and waterpark, miniature golf, tennis courts, picnic grounds and is also a family campground located just North of Bowmanville, Ontario.


There are 4 Golf Course located in Bowmanville.  The Bowmanville Golf and Country Club, Quarry Lakes, Ayren Links and Stonehenge.

Bowmanville Golf and Country Club 

The Bowmanville Golf & Country Club is a great 18 hole championship course which is great for beginners and experienced golfers alike with a fairly open front 9 and a more challenging back 9 due to the many trees around the fairways. The rates are quite reasonable and there are various discount specials that are regularly available.

Quarry Lakes Golf & Recreation Centre

Quarry Lakes Golf Course is a full 18 hole par 63 Executive course with just over 3800 yards. Built back in 1998 around a spring fed lake, this course has narrow fairways cut right through the forest and beautifully manicured greens. This course is perfect for the seasoned golfer or the beginner

Cider House Golf
Cider House is a fairly new 9-hole par 3 short and easy walking course that offers fun and affordable golf for the entire.  Cider House Golf winds through apple trees and is attached to Archibald's Estate winery with no hole over 175yards which makes it perfect for kids as well.

Ayren Links Golf Club 

Ayren Links is an 18-hole course that offers some great discounts and monthly specials for their 5931 yard, par 71 course.

Stonehenge Golf Club 

Stonehenge is a championship 9-hole course and a proud member of Bruce’s Golf Rewards. It’s the perfect choice for a small group of 20 or a large tournament of 100. It’s one of the premier 9-hole courses and a great test for players of all abilities.


While Bowmanville is in the Durham Region, it schools are not run by the Durham District School Boards.  The public schools are run by the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and the Catholic schools are run by the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington District School Board.

Secondary Schools in Bowmanville (Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board)

Bowmanville High School 

49 Liberty St N, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 2L8

Bowmanville HS is the home to the Talons.  Currently there are about 1,225 students enrolled.

Clarington Central Secondary School 

200 Clarington Blvd, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 5N8

Clarington Central SS is the home to the Clarington Coyotes.  Currently there are about 1,185 students enrolled.

Catholic Secondary Schools in Bowmanville (Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington District School Board)

St. Stephen Catholic Secondary School

300 Scugog St, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 3K2

Saint Stephen Catholic SS currently has just under 900 students.

Elementary Schools in Bowmanville (Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board)

Bowmanville Intermediate School
49 Liberty St N, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 2L8

Bowmanville Intermediate serves grade 7 and 8.  Current enrollment is just over 110 students, while sharing space with Bowmanville High. 

Central Public School 

120 Wellington St, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 1V9

Central currently has about 165 students enrolled in its JK-6 programs. Full-day kindergarten started in 2010

Charles Bowman Public School 

195 Bons Ave, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 0L3 

Charles Bowman offers a full program of JK-8 and full-day kindergarten started in 2011

Dr Ross Tilley Public School 

45 West Side Dr, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 4Y8 

Full-day kindergarten started in Sept 2013 at Dr Ross Tilley.  Current enrollment is just over 580 students.

Harold Longworth Public School 

350 Longworth Ave, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 5J5 

The Harold Longworth Hurricanes currently have just over 900 students.  Full-day kindergarten started in Sept 2013

John M James School 

175 Meams Ave, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 5C6 

Full day kindergarten started in Sept 2013.  John M James is home to the Jaguars and has about 530 students.

Ontario Street Public School 
116 Ontario St, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 2T4 

Full-day kindergarten will start in Sept 2014 and they have about 475 students enrolled.

Vincent Massey Public School 

10 Church St, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 1S3 

The Vincent Massey Cougars have slightly over 400 students and its full-day kindergarten program started in 2012. 

Waverly Public School 

168 Waverly Rd, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 3Y8

Waverly has about 430 students and its full-day kindergarten program will start in Sept 2014

Catholic Elementary Schools in Bowmanville (Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland and Clarington District School Board)

Holy Family Catholic Elementary School 

125 Aspen Springs Dr, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 0C6

Full-day kindergarten started Sept 2013 and there are about 565 students enrolled.

St. Elizabeth Catholic Elementary School

610 Longworth Ave, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 5B8 

Full-day kindergarten started in 2010 and there are about 450 students enrolled.

St. Joseph Catholic Elementary School

90 Parkway Cres, Bowmanville, ON  L1C 1C4 

Full-day kindergarten will start in Sept. 2014 and there are about 390 students enrolled.